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Nearing the end of camp...

Time flies when you are having fun!

My time at camp has absolutely flown past! The campers are only here for another 6 days – I cant believe I have almost been out here for three months already. I have had some great times at camp – it was definitely the right decision to come back, I always new deep down that some day I would be back. The first four weeks of camp were really hard work, I don’t think I finished work before 11pm each night – but thankfully all the kids have calmed down a bit now (or gone home). I don’t think I could ever work with ‘normal’ children as they would just seem boring in comparison to these kids.


We only get one day of a week so this year I decided to make the most of them and so far I have had some amasing days. On my first day off a few of us hired a speed boat and spent the afternoon waterskiing on White Lake PA, well I should actually say ‘tried’ to waterski – but it wasn’t that bad for my first attempt. I was slightly jealous however that Tahnee (my Aussie friend) was up first time like a pro.
Then the week after we headed to Lake Wallenpaupac (no I didn’t make it up!) and hired a Jetski for the morning – my god it was fast - then we decided to carry on with the adrenalin filled day and took a quad bike up Mount Pocono – we got plastered in mud but was a really good day. We decided to finish the day by visiting a casino – something I swore I would not do. But luck was on my side…ish and I came out just over evens!
It was my last day off this week and it was the best of them all. One of the guys in my division is really into downhill mountain biking – so much so he bought his own bike from New Zealand! He had heard of this ski resort that is used for downhill biking in the summer in New Jersey – it was used for the world championships a few years back. It took me a little while to get used to it as I haven’t rode like this for about 8 years. So in my typical style I decided to be cocky and go down the advanced and expert runs…. Ouch.
About 2 hours in to the day Scott was in front of me when he heard a big crack – it was me falling off a ramp head first into a big rock – I have to admit if I wasn’t wearing a full face helmet I wouldn’t be around to write this blog anymore – but hey! I got back on and had a wicked time although I did hit a tree and come off again – but I did pretty well. You had to catch the ski lift to take you back up to the top of the mountain which was pretty cool until we saw a black bear on the track that we were just about to go down – nothing like the prospect of being eaten by a bear to keep you on your bike.
I was in soooo much pain the next day – I don’t think there was a part of my body that was not bleeding or bruised. Definitely an experience I will be repeating again on my travels.
All these activities has meant my budget has taken a bit of a beating – im quite glad it is almost time for my South America leg of my journey – bring on the cheap prices. I did have to buy a new camera the other day though – apparently leaving mine in a pub car park overnight when it was raining somehow disagreed with it - dam my drunken antics! I did buy myself a web book laptop the other day aswell - I know it’s a luxury item but its so much easier then going to internet cafes.

Well the next three months should see a lot of entries in this blog as I travel through Central and South America. My itinerary is constantly changing as I thought it would as I meet people – Im now staying on at camp until the 2nd September then heading to Miami for a cruise in the Caribbean - its not really what I thought I would be doing as I am on a tight budget but it was really cheap and its only for 4 days – just what I need to relax after Camp. Then I fly to the Dominican Republic to stay with a friend for a week or so before heading to Mexico.
Ive made some great friends and contacts already which is perfect for my future travels.
I hope everyone is well and feel free to email me as I think im gonna have a a lot of free time over the next few months with not working (jealous? Hehe).

Take Care Chris


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Round Lake Camp - USA

Spending the summer working at an American summer camp for ADHD children. An interesting experience...

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When I left the UK I promised that I would keep my blog updated every couple of weeks.... well its been around 7 weeks and this is my first entry - not a good start but at least I have got the ball rolling.
It was a strange feeling actually leaving the UK - I ve talked about this for so long and I was actually doing it. I honestly thought id be a little nervous but it just felt right. I had an amasing last week in the UK and it was great to see everyone at my leaving party - gonna miss you guys.
So my first stop was NYC then a bus to the state of PA to spend my summer working at Round Lake Camp. For those that dont know I spent the summers of 05 and 06 working at this camp and loved every minute of it - so I was hoping this summer would be the same. I came over a month earlier then most people to come and help set up the camps. Basically my first three weeks involved painting, cutting grass, planting and alot of driving! It was such good fun though, at the start there was about 16 staff, of which only 2 of us were English (which is great as I have been practising my spanish), I have a few chat up lines ready - Hola chica linda ;-). My itinerary has been growing since I got here - I ve been invited to few countries which sound interesting.
Oh my god - I forgot to mention - whilst I have heard England has been having a heat wave we have had one of the wettest summers camp has ever seen. Everything I own is covered in mud, nice! All the returning staff from last year arrived a couple of weeks ago which was strange as I only know one of them - but in a way its good as I have met alot of new people. The campers have been here for a week now and have finally settled into the daily routine, thank god! I forgot what it was like - my first night was spent on the porch of a bunk until 4am whith a kid that was going crazy - Im hoping that it is not a sign of things to come. I ve been made Division Leader for Bet this year which means I have six bunks of campers aged 11 - 14. So far so good, I havent told them that I m making everything up as I go along - I just hope they dont realise in the next 6 weeks ha.
So this is my first post of many - Im not putting all my pictures on this site, so check out my Facebook page if you fancy looking at them. I hope everyones well back in the UK or wherever in the world you are. Take care xxx

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Almost time to go....

Who would have thought it!

For those of you who don’t know (I would find it hard to believe if anyone doesn’t know as I haven’t shut up about it!) I am off soon on my travels, for how long exactly? Who knows! Where? Well you can have a look at my map on this blog although it will most probably change!
I have dreamt about this trip for years but things always came up that got in the way - like money (obviously), degree and work. But I finally saw sense about 9 months ago started to put my head down and work hard… it worked!
I can’t believe the time has finally come to leave. It’s actually come around pretty quick! So I have done it – saved up, quit my job, gave up my flat and booked my one way ticket to my first destination. Scary stuff!
So I apologise for boring everyone I have spoken to over the last 6 months about my trip and thank you for the support. One of the reasons for me starting up this blog is – if people are interested in what I’m up to then they can look here, if not? Well I didn’t like them much anyway lol. I thought it would be better then bombarding Facebook with photos and constant updates! (and a lot better then group emails!)
I am by no means a travel writer so do not expect a detailed description into the cultures of the countries I visit but I thought it would be a good idea to keep track of the places I visit.
I leave on the 26th May 09 to work at a summer camp in PA (USA) for ADHD children for three months. I have been there twice before so I am prepared – it’s a lot of hard work but it is very rewarding. During this time the blog might be a little bare until the 22nd August when I head into Mexico and overland down to South America where the fun really starts. It’s the first time I have ever written a blog so be patient!
Wish me luck!
If you need to contact me my email is: chrislineham@hotmail.com

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